About Us

A native of Cali, Colombia, Carolina Sarria’s destiny was to break into the world of fashion. She decided to move to New York at a young age and studied Fashion Design at the prestigious Art Institute of New York City. Sarria launched her first collection in a private 2012 fashion show. With an overwhelmingly positive response, the demand for Sarria’s pieces quickly grew. Sarria was encouraged by this auspicious beginning, and thus founded her namesake brand.

The year of 2014 would be a game-changer: Carolina Sarria met young fashion designer Bianca Allen, and quickly formed a deep bond under the Carolina Sarria brand. The two tastemakers established a collaborative team. Working together to manage and cultivate the Carolina Sarria brand, Sarria and Allen worked with rigor to make sure that the label evoked pure luxury. Exploring the idea of a woman’s right to challenge what it means to be feminine while celebrating their freedom to fully express themselves, Carolina Sarria’s DNA embodies pure elegance with a bit of a wild core.


Carolina Sarria

x Founder • Designer


Bianca Allen

x VP • Designer